Communications Specialist

Company Name:
Ideal Innovations, Inc.
Responsible for providing assistance to the EM in strengthening relationships with the greater Identity community and in providing information to help the public understand the value of forensics and biometrics capabilities.
Specific efforts may include the following:
a) Maintain Strategic Communications/Executive Level Outreach Plan
b) Provide PR/Media Support:
(1) Support oversight and coordination of outreach efforts.
(2) Coordinate interagency efforts related to outreach.
(3) Research speaking venues for DoD Forensics and Biometrics leadership, submit speaker abstracts, and support speaking opportunities as necessary.
(4) Prepare for EM Director by-lined articles for publication in major defense and IT publications (Quarterly).
(5) Prepare additional communications products, such as articles, reports, brochures, briefings, videos, etc., as required.

c) Manage Community of Interest efforts (conference and working group meetings):
(1) Support development of annual meetings and speaking engagements plans with supporting themes, messages, and outreach concept.
(2) Support planning and execution of meetings and speaking engagements to include: agenda planning, speaker support, site logistics, conference website, registration and promotion, meeting facilitation, meeting engagement, and standard meetings and speaking engagements activities.

d) Exhibit & Meeting and Speaking Engagement Support:
(1) Support development of exhibits and speaking strategies.
(2) Provide a recommended exhibit plan for participation in support of the biometrics community of interest.

e) Website Support
(1) Provide ongoing web support for the EM's Website.
(2) Provide programming and content development support for Web-based initiatives.

Deliverables for this task will include the following:
-- Strategic Communications/Outreach Plan
-- annual themes and messages concept
-- annual report
-- press releases
-- articles for publication
-- other communications products such as briefings, reports, brochures, videos, conference agendas, and exhibit materials in accordance with the direction of EM

Level II: Associates and 2 years or High school and 7 years. Level III: Bachelors and 5 years of experience or Associates and 7 or high school and 11 years

Don't Be Fooled

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