Training & Education Specialist

Company Name:
Ideal Innovations, Inc.
Responsible for providing assistance in the formulation and maintenance of DoD Forensics and Biometrics training strategies, plans, and implementation. As such, will perform the following activities:
a) Assist DFBA in enabling Forensics and Biometrics training and education awareness using an enterprise-wide approach to training strategy and education.
b) Assist in the DFBA coordination efforts of institutionalize Forensics and Biometrics TTPs at training centers and incorporate Forensics training scenarios and activities in Home Station Training (HST) (e.g., formal leader and staff education/awareness; and service/joint training and exercise programs).
c) Assist in the implementation of training solutions and inform stakeholders of institutionalization efforts (TTPs, SOPs and Lessons Learned).
d) Assist in the standardization and development of Forensics and Biometrics training for the Joint Warfighter to maximize the impact of Forensics in both the current and Full Spectrum Operation environments.
e) Assist in the provision of Forensics and Biometrics training and education "best practices" to broaden training approaches.
f) Develop and implement a 12 month plan to transition OPMG-led Training, Education and Exercise Support activities to the appropriate and responsible elements of DoD and share with other US Government organizations.

Level II: Associates and 2 years or High school and 7 years. Level III: Bachelors and 5 years of experience or Associates and 7 or high school and 11 years

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