Policy Analyst

Company Name:
Ideal Innovations, Inc.
Responsible for providing assistance in the development and review of proposed policies to support the DoD frameworks for Forensics and Biometrics (and related identity) policy across the Department; develop and review supporting policies; assist in the staffing and coordination of policies across the Department; and facilitate their publication. These will include Office of the Secretary of Defense-level memoranda, DoD Directives and Instructions, detailed functional policies, and supporting Service and DoD policies and regulations. These will include policies governing the collection, storage, archiving, use, sharing, and disposal of biometric data, as well as the organizational and oversight policies needed to govern the Biometrics program, and may include other identity policies.

Responsible for providing overall research, analytic, and technical support to assist the EM in providing effective, integrated guidance and direction to the Department; and assessing progress in achieving goals and objectives. This support will include research and analysis of existing documentation, publications, procedures, and lessons learned, and the development of the documents necessary to support EM efforts. In addition, facilitate the DoD Forensics and Biometric Policy Working Groups in order to coordinate policy efforts with DoD stakeholders.

Specific efforts may include the following:
a) Conduct research and analysis of selected topics and develop concept papers, white papers, information papers, presentation materials, and technical reports.
b) Develop assessment frameworks and recommended methods for resolving issues.
c) Research and analyze options for various policy and operational concepts.
d) Support the development of plans and policies.
e) Review, analyze, and provide recommended revisions to plans and programs developed by DoD, other Federal agencies, and the private sector as they relate to DoD Biometrics, Forensics or identity interests.
f) Develop Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs)/Memoranda of Agreement (MOAs) and guidance for incorporating policies into operational procedures and processes within the DoD Forensics and Biometrics communities, as well as support to inform stakeholders of the newly developed policies and procedures. Work with the process owners to incorporate guidance into existing business processes.

Deliverables for this task include the following:
-- support the development of Department and Service: policies, memoranda, Directives, Instructions, Regulations
-- issue papers, to include point papers, concept papers and/or white papers
-- information papers
-- presentation materials
-- technical reports
-- MOUs/MOAs and operational procedures documents
-- other deliverables developed in accordance with the direction of EM

Education/Experience Level III: Bachelors and 5 years of experience or Associates and 7 or high school and 11 years; Level IV: Masters and 6 or Bachelors and 8 or Associates and 11 or High school and 15

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