Standards Engineer

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Ideal Innovations, Inc.
Responsible for assisting DFBA in the maintenance of forensics and biometrics enterprise standards essential for DoD mission requirements, to include common standards for all aspects of forensics and biometrics technology. Ensure the enterprise is coordinated with the DoD Components, U.S. Government agencies, and international organizations to develop national and international forensics and biometrics standards; ensure standards compliance, and ensure that interoperable and extensible processes are adaptive to joint, interagency, and allied tasks and missions. Ensure the Enterprise will register all standards with the Defense Information Technology Standards Registry and the Intelligence Community Standards Registry.
In support of these objectives, perform or assist in the performance of the following activities:
a) Development of National and International forensics and Biometric and IdM Standards and Participation in the Standards Development Organizations (SDO):
(1) Provide overall research, analytical and technical support to assist the DFBA in the development of the necessary national and international Forensic/Biometric and IdM standards and provide representation in the SDO developing these standards. The SDO may include INCITS M1, JTC 1/SC 37, OASIS, CS1, SC17 and others.
(2) Identify additional SDO participation which would be beneficial to the DFBA overall standards development efforts, and make recommendations on DFBA participation in these SDO. If directed by the DFBA, establish participation in these SDO and perform necessary membership activities. Some of these SDO may include NATO, ITU-T and IEEE.
(3) Perform, on a regular basis, analysis of the forensics and biometric and IdM standards development status, and prepare reports and recommendations on the DFBA actions necessary to expedite development of the identified high-priority standards.
(4) To ensure interoperability and data sharing within the DoD forensics and biometrics Enterprise and with the FBI, DHS Interpol, and other joint, interagency, and multinational (JIM) partners, continues the development, in coordination with the DoD Biometrics community, of the DoD Electronic Biometric Transmission Specification (EBTS) standard.
(5) Publish, adopt and implement EBTS Change Request (CR) processes and procedures, EBTS revision control and publishing processes, and a DoD-wide EBTS Application Profile Management process to ensure data sharing between DoD organizations.
b) Adoption and Implementation of forensics and biometric and IdM Standards Across the DoD Enterprise:
(1) Work with the DoD organizations, through the DoD Forensics/Biometric Standards Working Group (FSWG/BSWG) and Forensics/Biometrics Focus Group (FFG/BFG) to select and prioritize Forensics and Biometric and IdM standards for adoption within DoD.
(2) In coordination with the DoD BSWG and the DoD FSWG, develop the Defense Information Standards Registry (DISR) change requests for submission to DISA, to ensure timely inclusion of the selected standards in the DISR baselines of adopted standards.
(3) Coordinate with DISA the processing of the DISR change requests and participate in the standards selection process.
(4) Develop necessary implementation guidance for the adopted forensics and biometric and IdM standards; ensure coordination of the guidance documents across the DoD Biometric Enterprise.
(5) Continuously coordinate the DoD-wide adoption of the forensics and biometrics and IdM standards with the related efforts by the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) Subcommittee on Biometrics and its Registry of Standards recommended for adoption across the U.S. Government (USG).
c) Coordination and Collaboration of Standards Activities DoD-wide, Across the USG Agencies, and International Mission Partners:
(1) Support the Chair of the DoD BSWG, DoD FWG, BFG and FFG and provide administration of the BSWG meetings and other activities (document reviews, letter ballots, special group meetings, etc.).
(2) Support DFBA in appropriate USG and JIIM forums, to include the DHS BCG; coordinate Standards activities with DISA and other USG agencies Forensics/Biometrics and IdM working groups.
(3) Participate in the NSTC Subcommittee on forensics and biometrics and Identity Management, including its Working Groups.
(4) Participate in multinational forums, conferences, trade shows related to Forensics/Biometrics and IdM standards development, adoption and implementation.
d) Develop strategic development and coordination plans for Standards-related activities.

Education/Experience Level III: Bachelors and 5 years of experience or Associates and 7 or high school and 11 years; Level IV: Masters and 6 or Bachelors and 8 or Associates and 11 or High school and 15

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