SalesForce Web Developer SME

Company Name:
RCJ Consulting,LLC
Candidates must be US Citizen and Sales Force Certified!

USAID Enterprise Reporting Services
USAID Potomac Yards, Crystal City with occasional meetings in Sterling,
The USAID Enterprise Reporting Service (ERS) Team requires
an exceptionally capable SalesForce developer with web development experience
to develop and launch a new, centralized ERS within USAID. The ERS plays a
critical role in supporting the USAID mission, as it is aimed at responding
swiftly and accurately to internal data requests and reducing redundant
reporting efforts via a consolidated website through which management and
internal staff can quickly access the information needed to make important
decisions. As a member of this team, the SalesForce developer shall be capable
of integrating data from multiple systems, which may or may not immediately
align in obvious ways. At minimum, the person shall be capable of integrating
current USAID systems reports from Phoenix, GLAAS, and FACTS Info into
SalesForce, using Informatica, with potential to integrate additional systems
and reports. During integration phase, the SalesForce developer shall work with
a team of representatives from the various systems and be capable to leading
these team members to produce the information needed for integration.
Additionally, the candidate shall have the ability to develop a website able to
display the full range of integrated SalesForce output reports in a logical
way, in collaboration with graphic designer. The candidate will continually
update the website as SalesForce integration progresses. The individual should
be comfortable working in teams, managing multiple workstreams under tight
deadlines, providing input into routine reports, and outstanding results.
Key Responsibilities:
- Systems & Data Integration
o Build from existing SalesForce architecture integrating Phoenix, GLAAS, and
FACTS Info systems (e.g., Informatica)
o Review and understand workings and data fields of USAID Phoenix, GLAAS, and
FACTS Info systems
o Manage the development and deployment of new applications, and/or
enhancements to existing applications
o Validate system requirements, conduct analysis, coordinate the design of
solutions and establish metrics for success
o Ensure that development projects meet business requirements and goals,
fulfill end-user requirements, and identify and resolve systems issues
o Provide detail design and documentation of each component of the solution such
as data migration, integration and custom development
o Maintain high customer satisfaction through the delivery of high-quality,
timely, and thorough solutions to customer problems
o Determine the scope and corresponding effort estimates for all development
and help in 'solutioning' during proposal development
o Create and maintain development and integration project plans and take
corrective actions
o Successfully integrate the abovementioned systems via SalesForce technology
in a manner that allows the content to produced and accessed via the web
- Website Development
o Build and develop website capable to displaying full suite of consolidating
reporting via SalesForce integration, in collaboration with team and graphic
o Continually update website as systems & data integration progresses
o Ensure website is understandable and useable by identified USAID user groups
- General ERS Support
o Assess data quality and propose solutions for improvement, where able
o Understand data input processes and help inform formal reports for process
o Engage with broader team on aspects of their deliverables, as necessary
o Input into Data Quality Improvement Plan, ERS Team status report, and other

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