Creative Projects Director

Company Name:
Mercatus Center
Position Type:
The Mercatus Center at George Mason University is seeking a Creative Projects Director to join our marketing communications team. Your work will illustrate Mercatus research and analysis in creative and appealing ways. The ideal candidate will be a visual communicator who is adept at identifying and building the right visual tools (video, infographics, interactive Web features, etc.) to explain complex economic ideas to our audiences.
Conceptualize and manage creative projects in a collaborative atmosphere with researchers and staff.
Manage the creation of products from start to finish and provide quality control so that projects accurately convey the findings of Mercatus research.
Build and manage relationships with staff and external vendors to deliver creative products in an efficient and timely manner.
Keep up with design trends in data visualization, animations, social media, and Web so that Mercatus products are viewed as best in class.
Minimum Requirements:
7+ years experience explaining complex ideas through effective visuals.
Imaginative and pragmatic problem-solver with an impeccable attention to detail.
Demonstrated ability to prioritize many simultaneous projects and manage expectations with multiple stakeholders.
Demonstrated experience with alternating between creative to getting things done with excellent time and project management skills.
Preferred Requirements:
Passionate communicator of economic ideas.
Prior knowledge of Mercatus research.
Experience with video direction, visual representation of

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