Survey Statistician

Company Name:
For Marsh Group
Position Type:
Fors Marsh Group LLC (FMG) is an applied research consulting firm based in Northern Virginia. Our primary mission is to leverage insights from the social sciences for improved organizational decision-making.
FMG is seeking an experienced and motivated Survey Statistician to work as part of a survey research team. This individual's primary responsibility will be to provide statistical and methodological expertise for large-scale surveys designed and executed specifically for our clients.
Responsibilities include:
Designing and executing sampling and weighting plans for various probability and non-probability survey efforts ranging from large national surveys to smaller survey efforts targeting specific populations.
Applying sophisticated principles in the fields of survey methodology, sampling, survey statistics, and/or other social science disciplines to design, conduct, and analyze complex national surveys.
Planning and designing survey administrations to optimize cost, estimate precision, and minimize respondent burden.
Preparing technical reports, presentations, and executive summaries.
Advancing the reputation of our organization through participation at professional conferences, publication of research studies, and continued technical training.
Participating in project meetings and assisting project managers with development of research projects.
Knowledge and experience with sampling,

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