SME- Systems Business Operations Biometrics

Company Name:
Technical and Management Resources, Inc.
The Subject Matter Expert (SME) for this task will demonstrate expertise in systems and data
analysis of large and complex Federal information systems supporting immigration and law
enforcement arenas. The Contractor shall provide business owner support for OBIM system change requests, implementation, and continuity of operations support. The Contractor shall provide technical support to facilitate the development and execution of operational test plans for delivered solutions and releases within the OBIM Program
Perform data analysis such as techniques: missing value analysis, sampling methods and hypothesis testing, regressions: linear and nonlinear, trends and time series analysis, decision trees and "What If?" analysis, and basic statistics.
Support Enterprise data reporting and analytic tools (such as Crystal Reports and Business Objects).
Mandated data analysis and validation of monthly extract for the Intelligence Community.
Combine, analyze, summarize, and understand large data sets and extracts for different mission purposes.
Technical assistance used on Data Anomaly analyses, including advanced data manipulation, filtering and display techniques.
Data extraction and validation for ongoing OIG investigations.
Provides statistical analysis of system data to support requirements identification, validated by the Government.
Supports Departmental Watch List enhancements
Candidate must possess hands on experience with SQL/PLSQL, and other scripting development.
A minimum of 5 -10 years of practical hands on experience in systems and data analysis, with an undergraduate degree in computer science, statistics, or operations research is required.
The SME must also be able to leverage familiarity with ad hoc query capability, data handling and data preparation methods, data input and output ODBC capabilities, and script development
Date: 2014-08-22
Country: US
State: VA
City: Arlington
Postal Code: 22209

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