Future Opening: Senior Functional Analyst

Company Name:
HCI - integrated solutions
Job Summary:
Provide strategic-level research and analysis of observations, after action reports, Quicklook Reports, Lessons Learned Studies, and other inputs provided to the NGB JLLP through reports, emails, the Joint Lessons Learned Information System (JLLIS), and other sources. Provide input to refining JLLIS as the system of record for the Joint Lessons Learned. Program Support the implementation and maintenance of the NGB Joint Issue Resolution Process (JIRP). Create Lessons Learned reports, presentations, summaries, and newsletters
Duties and Responsibilities:
Discover and collect data/observations from domestic support operations, joint training events, exercises, and other activities involving National Guard, DOD, and State and local assets. Collection support will include active and passive collection approaches. Active collection will be conducted via direct observation while passive collection involves review and processing of observations / documents submitted by organizations approved by NGB.
Complete thorough analysis of discovered and collected data/observations to identify findings, trends, root causes, capability gaps, training deficiencies, and doctrine/policy weaknesses related to National Guard domestic support operations.
Prepare analytical reports on the findings listed above.
Support the NGB JIRP by identifying recommended issues/observations for NGB consideration, conducting initial administrative review and routing of observations to appropriate subject matter experts for technical review, and assisting in the assignment of Offices of Primary Responsibility (OPRs), Offices of Coordinating Responsibility, and in resolution tracking and implementation.
Assist in the scheduling and facilitating of NGB Issue Resolution working groups, preparation of issue briefing slides, completing minutes of the working group sessions, preparing documents for referral to the next higher working group, and preparing the Joint Memorandum for submission of issues requiring resolution at the OSD and Interagency level.
Support continuous refinement and use of the Joint Lessons Learned Information System (JLLIS) as the system of record for the Joint Lessons Learned Program
Support JLLIS development or integration at the host organization. Provide functional advice and expertise to the NGB regarding establishment, population, maintenance, and sharing of lessons learned data via JLLIS.
Conduct JLLIS training, and familiarization briefings for users at the National Guard Bureau, and as requested, to the States, so they are equipped to use appropriate tools and methods to make cogent, complete, comprehensive inputs to LL systems, processes, reports, and activities.
Support the JFHQ-State implementation of the Joint Lessons Learned Program and the integration of JLLIS as the system of record for all domestic operations lessons learned information.
Prepare and deliver timely, relevant, and targeted lessons learned information to NGB, NG Joint Force Headquarters, and NGB-designated partners.
Support development/updates of NGB JLLP guidance and policy documents. Expand and as required, update, pertinent NG JLLP instructions, directives, and manuals in accordance with Chairman Joint Chief of Staff (CJCS) 3150.25 series publications, CNGB guidance, as well as appropriate US Army and US Air Force related lessons learned publications.
Preferred Knowledge/Skills/Abilities:
Knowledge of DoD, and extensive knowledge of National Guard, roles, requirements, and capabilities, particularly with regard to domestic response operations
Knowledge of National Guard domestic operations, staff action process and joint/ service staff operations; briefings and products in support of senior leaders.
Demonstrated ability to conduct strategic analysis of lessons learned raw data and plan/conduct process improvement working groups
ability to operate independently with minimal supervision
ability to develop program requirements
ability to develop and present effective briefings and reports using high quality writing, oral presentation, and training skills
familiarity with joint lessons learned process as well as joint mission essential tasks, joint doctrine, and joint exercises
success as senior staff officer/analyst in a multi-tasked, high tempo environment
Operational familiarity with the Joint Lessons Learned Information System (JLLIS)
Experience on National Guard Bureau staff, service staff is a plus
Must be able to obtain and maintain a Secret Clearance.
Additional Position Information:
Bachelors Degree in Business or related curriculum. Four (4) to Eight (8) experience as a Staff Officer at NGB, ARNG, ANG, or equivalent Service Headquarters level engaged with program and policy development and management with joint/service organizations experience
It is the policy of HCI - integrated solutions to provide employment opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, handicap, or veteran status.
Location: Arlington, VA
Status: Full Time
Date Posted: 4/12/2013

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