VMware Virtualization Engineer

Location : Arlington, VA, USA

The role of the Virtualization Engineer will be to participate in the data center relocation of large and complex environments. VMware projects focusing on technical hardware / software migrations ("Physical To Virtual" migrations) in the Windows environment, including working with SANs, applications, maintenance and upgrades, capacity planning, disaster recovery/business continuity and backup and recovery. Significant datacenter virtualization experience is a job requirement. This role will also support the on-going operations of the VMware production and lab environments. Responsibilities falling into these areas will be to manage on-going test and development activities going into the production environment.


Bachelors Degree and:
7+ years of overall relevant IT experience, required
5+ years of experience working with VMware ESX 4.0 or higher, and familiarity with VMware ESX best practices and policies, required
Experience technically leading and executing VMware specific tasks, including P2V Migrations, ESX Datacenter setup, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity processes and must have experience with common and uncommon ESX problems.
Experience in technically overseeing and executing a large-scale datacenter-size migration of servers from physical hardware to virtual (including dealing with technology owners / application owners, setting up physical hardware, working with VMware technical support as-needed, and reading documentation and processes provided by other groups.)

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