Ruby/Rails Developer

Company Name:
Distil Networks
Position Type:
We're looking for confident, talented and hungry Ruby junkies to join our experienced engineers in developing the next generation of our advanced, bot - blocking platform. We guarantee you'll touch more deeply technical topics building systems at scale with us than anywhere else if leveraging technologies like websockets to stream live data to a browser or building out complex historical reporting systems sounds like fun, you will fit right in.
What do you need? Our requirements are basic:
Technical Discipline: BA/BS degree in engineering, computer science or related field. 3-5 years of experience working with large-scale applications.
Passion for Coding: You didn't just take programming classes to get a job, you did it because there's nothing else on this planet you can imagine yourself doing. You have experience writing your own unit and functional tests. Experience practicing TDD/BDD is a plus.
Creativity: You have had experience solving unique problems, not just building API's. Come wow us with an approach to problems we've been struggling with that's elegant and amazing.
Agile Developer: Solid experience working with Open Source tools.
Communication Skills: Be clear, focused and vocal. Make relevant recommendations that you are prepared to complete.
Ruby Knowledge: Proven track record with a minimum of 3-5

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