Associate Management Consultant

Company Name:
Blackstone Technology Group
Blackstone Technology Group (BTG) is seeking an Associate Management Consultant to join our Federal Consulting Practice.
BTG's Federal Consulting practice is primarily focused on providing exceptional technology-driven consulting implementation services to our Federal Clients. We are looking for candidates interested in consulting to engage with high-performing consulting teams to deliver complex and challenging information technology projects.
Ideal candidates for our management consultant program will be those seeking a hands-on and immersive introduction to consulting projects that involve applying enterprise and custom software technology to solve real-world business problems. The ideal candidates are expected to learn how to support the requirements definition, project planning, client document deliverable production, and quality assurance efforts surrounding the implementation of software technology that drives our client's business, and are expected to engage collaboratively with our consulting team and be ready to support project delivery in a meaningful way for our clients alongside our project team members.
The management consultant position will generally provide the following opportunities for the candidate:
Observe and learn both phased-based and agile solution delivery methods that we apply to delivering our information technology projects.
Understand the application of software technology to solving real business problems.
Engage with BTG teams to develop or analyze business requirements of our financial institution clients. We generally focus on digital (mobile, online, CRM, Analytics) and real time information systems.
Engage with BTG teams to ensure the highest quality delivery for our clients.
Work collaboratively in a fast moving team
Analyze industry specific requirements/technologies and provide insight
Work with team to provide timely, appropriate communication related to work
Work with appropriate parties to raise issues and work toward resolution
Provide industry, area of study, or technical expertise to in-flight projects
Provide consulting support / technical support to your project team (e.g.,QA/design review, environment setup, operations consulting, troubleshooting, system testing, etc.)
Preferred Qualifications:
Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
Logical approach and excellent problem solving skills
Ability and willingness to learn new industry and new technologies
Must be able to work well both in a team environment and independently
Must possess exceptional attention to detail
Minimum Qualifications:
Must successfully complete a stringent Background Investigation
Minimum Bachelor's Degree

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