Project Support Manager

Project Support Manager Job ID 36323 Serves as the Operations manager liaison between the ARNG Mission Command Training Support Program Government Program Manager (the client) and the Parsons Program Manager. Is required by the client to be located on-site at the ARNG National Military Headquarters facility in Arlington Hall Station, Arlington, VA. Is responsible for daily interaction with the Government Program Manager to ensure Parsons is providing accurate and timely support to the ARNG while quickly addressing issues of performance or communication. Is charged with fostering a positive and collaborative relationship between Parsons and the ARNG. Is responsible for assisting the Government Program Manager with development and review of yearly performance measures of effectiveness to properly document program metrics by unit type and size. Provides assistance and guidance in the development of memorandums of agreement, information papers, executive summaries, standard operating procedures, budget analysis, and preparation of Program Objective Memorandum submissions. Develops and presents staff analysis via various means of presentation to ARNG, Department of the Army and Department of Defense staff members. Upon request of the MCTSP PM, assists in providing oversight of ARNG MCTSP projects through planning, preparing, executing and providing recommendations to assist in the decision making process. Provides training, training management, and training analysis advice to the ARNG MCTSP PM (the client) and the ARNG G-3 staff. Assists the ARNG G-3 staff with preparation of the MCTSP Program Objective Memorandum for future budget submissions including metrics, data and analysis to support recommended budget activities. Qualifications 4-year degree in Business Mgt or related technical/business field and at least 5-8 years of related work experience. Candidate should have a broad general technical and business background, as well as previous project management experience on similar or related projects. Candidate should have experience developing and managing complex excel-based financial models used to program and budget resources through the Planning, Programming, Budget and Execution (PPBE) process; Must have management experience & subject matter expertise in the delivery/task orders such as: Military Live, Virtual, Constructive and Gaming (LVC-G) training methods and procedures, Training Aids, Devices, Simulators, and Simulations (TADSS); Integration and Distributed Mission Command Simulation Systems including such systems as JLCCTC-ERF, JLCCTC-MRF, VBS-2, SIMPLE, ALOTTS, FIRESIM, EXCIS, JDLM, OneSAF, WARSIM, TACSIM, JCATS, JSPA, SARTY, ISM, AARS, MUSE, VRSG, JNEM, FMT-R, WIM, Common C2 Adapter, and IEWTPT. Desired experience or qualifications: Retired military officer / non-commissioned officer with Combat Arms, Combat Support or Combat Service Support experience/expertise in military training management and combat training center or combat experience desired or similar experience as a Department of the Army Civilian position. Masters in related field desired. MEL 4 (formerly Command & General Staff College), and / or Senior Service College graduate or experience and/or formal training with the Army's Modeling and Simulation Civilian Career Fellowship Program (CP36). Apply Now

Don't Be Fooled

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