Media Specialist III

Job Description:
The Media Specialist maintains functionality (expiration dates, incorrect labeling, etc.) for a variety of media sources, e.g., tapes, cassettes, microfiche, film, and compact disks/DVDs, in addition to introduction of new media technology. Troubleshoots and resolves media errors and data processing problems; use of preplanned procedures when troubleshooting, but may deviate from standard operating procedures. The Media Specialist III adapts to a variety of nonstandard problems that require extensive specialist assistance (e.g., expiration date on media, media internally labeled incorrectly or frequent introduction of new media technology). In response to media error conditions, this Worker chooses or devises a course of action from among processing tanks and dryer, around polished drum, and onto take-up reel. The specialist turns valves to fill tanks with premixed solutions such as developer, dyes, stop-baths, fixers, bleaches, and washes, moves thermostatic control to keep steam heated drum at specified temperature, and splices sensitized paper to leaders using tape. The specialist then starts machine and throws switches to synchronize drive speeds of processing and drying units, compares processed prints with color standard, reports variations to control department, adds specified amount of chemicals to renew solutions, and maintains production records.
U.S. citizenship
Fluency in the English Language
A high school diploma
Two to three years of experience in a related field
Superior organization skills
Effective oral and written communication skills
The ability to follow technical direction as delivered by the CO, COR, ACOR, or GTM.
The ability to interact effectively in a multicultural setting
Job Title: Media Specialist III
Job Type: Full-Time
Location: Arlington, VA 2f8b653d9990430c9aae7daff1d29318

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