Digital Experiences - R&D Technology Principal

Title: Digital Experiences - R&D Technology Principal
Location: USA
Job Number: 00420000
Role Summary:
Bridging the gap between idea and value, they are able to
take a cutting edge idea and turn it into value for our clients. They are adept
at articulating the technology-enabled business value proposition, defining and
building highly visible demos, and mapping the existing vendor landscape. They
lead next-gen technology applications. They have an up-to-the minute knowledge
of technology and industry trends and the business implications.
Key responsibilities:
Build Internal & External Relationships
? Represent the R&D group and the overall Labs in
internal and external settings ? Develop deep relationships with relevant
Accenture practice, vendor ecosystem and other external R&D organizations
? Present relevant thought leadership to senior executives
in Accenture and its clients
? Spearhead thought leadership through publications, patents
and invited talks
Manage R&D Agenda and Team
? Define, prioritize, lead and oversee multiple R&D
projects; chart a long-term R&D roadmap for an initiative or R&D group
? Formulate and execute R&D agenda which involves
discovering the relevant ecosystem to work with, to prototyping, to
establishing pioneering engagements and packaging the results for scaling to
the rest of Accenture
? Understand, articulate and further identify key technology
trends and their potential business impact
? Working closely with the R&D group lead to develop a
broader R&D agenda
? Supervise a team of R&D personnel, manage their career
progression and help recruit new members for the group Qualifications:
Skill Name
Expected Proficiency Level
Business Model
P2 - Proficient
Industry High
Performance Driver Analysis
P2 - Proficient
Process Innovation
P2 - Proficient
Product and Market
P2 - Proficient
Research &
P2 - Proficient
P2 - Proficient
Job: Research 9ce89ccea0e242f9b52b12e40cfc28aa

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