Digital Experiences -Technology R&D Senior Analyst

Title: Digital Experiences -Technology R&D Senior Analyst
Location: USA
Job Number: 00419990
Role Summary:
Insatiably curious, they always want to know "what
if?" With foundational expertise in a specific domain, they enjoy an
influential role as an expert in their area externally and internally and have
an up-to-the minute knowledge of technology and industry trends and the
business implications. They actively publish and support the creation of
differentiated IP. Utilizing their deep analytical expert, they ensure the
development of evidence to validate ideas that are the result of R&D
Key responsibilities:
Build Internal & External Relationships
? Actively contribute to the technology community and
progressively establish him/herself as a technology expert
? Help maintain relationships with partner organizations
Execute R&D Agenda and Team
? Build prototypes ? bringing concepts to initial
implementations ? including design, coding to testing
? Apply and reshape prototypes in pioneering engagements
based on clients? needs and drive toward successful deployment in the clients?
IT environment
? Understand and apply software development best practices
? Continuously learn new technology areas that are
mission-aligned to the R&D group Qualifications:
Skill Name
Expected Proficiency Level
Business Model
P0 - Trained
Industry High
Performance Driver Analysis
P0 - Trained
Process Innovation
P0 - Trained
Product and Market
P0 - Trained
Research &
P0 - Trained
P0 - Trained
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