Treasurers Office, Deputy Treasurer For Accounting And Treasury Management

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The Arlington County Treasurer's Office is seeking an experienced Deputy Treasurer to provide leadership, knowledge, training and supervision for the Accounting and Treasury Management Division, and to ensure the Division carries out its mission and meets its goals. This includes the development and implementation of policies, procedures and processes which ensure the protection of financial assets, the prudent investment of funds, the accurate accounting and reporting of financial activities, and effective oversight of all related activities.
The ideal candidate must possess a working knowledge of the operations of the major County departments and must develop effective working relationships with all units within the County including, but not limited to:
Banks and brokerage firms
County Boards
Advisory committees
Civic associations
The Deputy Treasurer is a sworn position, authorized by Virginia statute to exercise certain duties of the Treasurer, and may be called upon to perform the functions of Acting Treasurer if required.
Principal Responsibilities
Oversight of all Treasury Cash Management responsibilities including cash flow and investment management.
Work flow management.
Participation in interagency committees and work groups.
Personnel development and management.
Treasurer's Office Organization Unit Overview
In the context of this job description, the word "County" encompasses the general government, the School Division and any sub-units established by Arlington County Government. The Accounting and Treasury Management Division is responsible for the safeguarding and management of, and the accounting for, all County revenues and County financial assets (cash and investments). This includes, but is not limited to, cash flow forecasting, management of short-term investments required for funding operations and capital activities, maintenance of banking and brokerage relationships, account reconciliation and analysis, portfolio monitoring, and financial reporting.
The Division responds to inquiries from elected and appointed officials, residents and other interested parties. The Division prepares and presents reports to the County's Finance Board. The Division provides accounting and analysis support to the Treasurer and the other divisions within the Office of the Treasurer. The Division participates in the preparation of the County's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), and in the conduct of the County's independent audit and State audit.
The Division consists of nine professional-level positions in addition to the Deputy Treasurer.
Selection Criteria:At a minimum, the successful candidate will have a combination of education and experience equivalent to the following:
Bachelor's degree in Accounting or related area.
Professional certification: Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) or equivalent certification. Must be in good standing.
Extensive relevant experience in accounting, banking, finance and/or local government.
Desired Qualifications:
Experience in managing a unit in a public finance office or governmental entity that provides accounting and reporting services.
Ability to prepare reports and analysis for use by auditors, elected or appointed officials, members of the media and citizen advisory groups.
Demonstrated knowledge of fixed income markets, with an emphasis on short- and intermediate-term investment vehicles.
Special Requirements:Interested candidates should apply online and include a letter of application that describes how their experience and qualifications meet the position requirements. Please use the space provided in the Supplemental Questionnaire section or attach your letter to your online application. For this position, each applicant must also attach a current resume to the online application.
In your letter of application please describe the organization(s) where you have worked including accounting, banking and finance; the range of services and functions you managed; and to whom you reported. Be sure to describe:
Your experience in cash flow forecasting and structuring portfolios for efficient management of cash flows.
Your leadership experience developing and managing of personnel.
A specific list of significant accomplishments.
Additional Information:Work Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.
A pre-hire background check will be conducted on all candidates who are selected for employment. It may include checks of the following: criminal record, driving record, education, professional licensure, and credit history. You may be required to sign a release authorizing the County to obtain your background information.

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