Senior Research Engineer - Computer Ne2rk Operations

Senior Research Engineer - Computer Network Operations
Arlington, VA
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If you are the type of individual that enjoys taking interesting things apart to see what is inside and likes to work in a start-up environment researching novel solutions in order to make a direct impact on operational requirements, then you will fit right in to our CNO/OCO team.
Invincea Labs is looking for researchers with foundational knowledge of Reverse Engineering, Vulnerability Research, and Program Analysis.
Successful candidates will become a member of a like-minded vulnerability research team while interacting with Invincea Labs other cyber R&D teams.
Members of this team are highly motivated, self-drive, and able to work independently as well as within a team.
No challenge is too great for them, rather the challenging problems are the ones that are sought out.
A degree (BS) in Computer Science, Computer/Electrical Engineering, or related Scientific Domain plus five years of relevant work experience OR an advanced degree (MS or Ph D) in Computer Science, Computer/Electrical Engineering, or related Scientific Domain plus three years of relevant work experience
Interested in building out our team culture and capabilities
A fundamental understanding of computers and operating systems
Thorough understanding of memory management concepts (Heap, Stack, Virtual Memory)
A sufficient level of comfort with the reading and writing of x86 and/or ARM assembly
Experience with program analysis techniques such as taint analysis, program slicing, symbolic execution, constraint solving, and dynamic instrumentation
Fluency in binary analysis tools such as IDA Proa, WinDbg, Valgrind, PIN, Panda, and S2E
Working knowledge of hacking tools and techniques such as memory corruption exploits, rootkits, protocol poisoning, browser-based attacks, DNS poisoning, MetaSploit, nmap, Nessus, etc.
The ability to obtain and maintain a Security Clearance
Nice to Haves:
Proven track record of discovering 0-day vulnerabilities
Extensive experience reverse engineering x86/ARM binaries, embedded systems, or malware
Knowledge of algorithmic complexity and side channel vulnerabilities
Java bytecode analysis experience using tools like Soot, WALA, Pathfinder, and FlowMiner
Embedded operating systems experience (to include O-scopes, JTAGs, UARTs, etc)
An understanding of the technical and political issues surrounding OCO/CNO
An active TS/SCI clearance
The ability to send inquiries about this position by decoding and sending an email to: H4sIAAAAAAAAA6t39XFjZGRk2CiwgaXj1GsfJgZmBkYGBgYOIKnDgAAmDApgcQhgBONCIAnC7CAhAQYGrgecfGKcfMysjOeY+XkPrNrvA1TUwJ7g/uhXr/8H57MNGxjPNgAAwrFHqnEAAAA=
The ability to secure an interview for this position by encrypting your inquiry with the RC4 algorithm and the 128-bit key embedded in the encoding
Due to security requirements, US Citizenship is required.
Invincea is an Equal Opportunity Employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.
Location: Arlington, VA
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